About Us

Autotechniqz Ceramic Coating, was created for owners of fine automobiles who share the same passion for the art and beauty of cars that we do. It is this passion and appreciation for Autotechniqz that inspire us to create some of the most beautiful and well-preserved vehicles not only in South Florida, but also throughout the U.S. We offer comprehensive yet flexible detailing, protection, and customization services to suit our clients’ needs, and we do it with unequaled quality, passion, and professionalism.

Our clients view detailing and customization not just as an advanced skill, but a true art form that is understood and practiced only by a select few. And since it is art, only the finest products and equipment are used in conjunction with precision and the best techniques to perfect your car’s finish and bring out the purest gloss and reflection.

The transformation that Autotechniqz will put your prized possession through will be nothing short of spectacular regardless of the service level that you choose. We treat every single vehicle as if it were our own, and our desire to achieve perfection is applied during every session.

Whether you are interested in a restorative level of detailing, looking to restore the original paint on your classic Muscle Car, or you simply wish to preserve and protect the finish on your Daily Driver, Autotechniqz will meet your goals and expectations with passion, precision, and perfection! We look forward to exceeding your expectation.

Heather (Chrome Queen)

Have you ever met a girl that could never settle on just one thing?  

Our Mission

Autotechniqz Ce­ramic Coating aims to deliver exce­ptional, high-quality services that surpass customers' e­xpectations. With extensive­ experience­ in the automotive industry, their de­dicated team of professionals is committe­d to enhancing and protecting the be­auty of vehicles through a comprehe­nsive range of service­s including ceramic coating, paint correction, and car detailing. Atte­ntion to detail is paramount, as Autotechniqz Ceramic Coating utilize­s advanced techniques and pre­mium products for optimal results. Building long-lasting relationships with valued custome­rs by offering competitive pricing without compromising on se­rvice quality is their primary goal. Trust Autotechniqz Ce­ramic Coating as your reliable partner in achie­ving the ultimate automotive ae­sthetic and protection.

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