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The Ultimate Boat Protection

If you have been looking for marine ceramic coating in West Palm Beach, you’re in luck! The industry leaders at Ceramic Pro have a product dedicated for marine vessels.

Ceramic Pro Marine is the complete solution for boat owners. No other coating system even comes close to Ceramic Pro. Our experts at Autotechniqz Ceramic Coating are trained and certified Ceramic Pro installers.

Ceramic Pro Marine offers both underwater and above-water protection against the corrosion caused by salt water and the accumulation of algae and shells. The surface of your vessel will repel the harsh aquatic elements due to Ceramic Pro’s hydrophobic properties. 

Ceramic Pro Marine will eliminate the need for waxes and other products. This liquid nano-ceramic coating is non-yellowing. 

Ceramic Pro Marine bonds to the surface, creating a flexible, super-slick glass shield that will not come off.

It is available in a high gloss finish that exceeds OEM paint or gelcoat quality. This means your vessel will be glossier than the day you bought it. This product cannot be washed away, so you can trust that it is the most durable protective coating on the market. 

Ceramic Pro Marine is a highly versatile product. No surface of your boat or yacht will be left unprotected. Ceramic Pro Marine is backed by warranty, as are all Ceramic Pro products.

This product is a UV ray shield, protecting your vessel from the harsh sun on the ocean. The amazing thing is that it reduces the surface tension of your gel coat, which prevents algae from planting roots into the surface of your boat. Algae growth will be a breeze to remove!

What Causes Swirl Marks, Fine Scratches, & Stains?

Swirl marks, scratches and other surface imperfections can come to life in many different ways. Some of these are unavoidable, such as road grit and grime. Dallas / Fort Worth roads aren't free of environmental and industrial contaminants that will always inflict microscopic scratch on your car.


Bugs splatter, brake dust, bird droppings, water-spots, and tar are probably the most common causes of staining or etching on your clear-coat. They can easily leave behind permanent imperfections on your paint that will require paint correction. By removing them quickly instead of leaving them to bake on your clear-coat you can avoid permanent damages but how you remove them can then leave behind marring or scratches.

This is why it is always better to remove them using the 2-bucket wash method to avoid inflecting a different kind of paint defect while trying to prevent another. When you remove these things, you can scrape the surface and leave marks. Tar and water spots can also cause clear coat problems. We know we're probably overloading you with information but our team will always assist you after a paint correction on how to maintain your better than brand new finish!

Paint Correction Dallas

Improper Car Washing Techniques

There are also instances where the car owner themselves are to blame for the poor condition of the clear coat. Poor car washing techniques can leave swirl marks, micro-scratches, and other problems. For example, using a regular cloth to wash your car or a beach towel for drying your paint can create some serious swirl marks on your car. We recommend using the two-bucket washing method with high-quality microfiber washing mitts and drying towels as a good starting point for washing your paint.

DIY Paint Correction

Some enthusiasts like to polish or "paint correct" their car by themselves and we applaud them for their courage and dedication. But one must be entirely sure that he has the proper equipment and experience before polishing their own car. The rule of thumb is: if you've never mechanically polished a car before, start with a scrap hood as you are likely to inflict more damage than anything when starting to learn the art of "paint correction".

Low-Quality Hand Car Wash & Automatic Touch Car Wash (The Ultimate Swirl-Machines)

Last but not least, getting your car serviced in an automatic touch car wash or cheap hand car wash is guaranteed to turn your paint into unsightly matte finish over the years. This is usually the #1 reason why cars are covered with swirl marks as those kinds of car washes do not care about the integrity of your clear-coat, after all their only purpose is to get your car clean no matter the kind of damage it creates on your paint.

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Ceramic Pro Marine Benefits


Ceramic Pro Marine is available in High Gloss finish that Exceeds OEM paint or gelcoat quality. This means your boat will be glossier than the day you bought it.


Ceramic Pro Marine is the most durable protective coating available for your boat. Our products can not be washed away or removed thru environmental hazards.


Ceramic Pro Marine is the most versatile coating on the planet. With its wide rang of uses there is literally no surface on your boat that can be left unprotected.


We offer proven and reliable warranties because we believe your experience with Ceramic Pro Marine should be the same on day one as years down the line.

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